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How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, is taken from the book with the same name by Shepherd Mead in 1952. The stage rights were bought very soon after the release of the book. It was originally scheduled to open on Broadway in 1957, but nothing ever materialized. Then the script was brought to Abe Burrows (Guys & Dolls, Can-Can, & Silk Stockings.) Then Frank Losser joined them relentanty after he was appealed to by Burrows. The musical first opened in a pre-Broadway engagement in Philadelphia. It gained great reviews and opened in New York. The show won ever award for Best Musical of the season and won six Tonys. It even won a Pulitzer Prize for Drama. When it closed it was the fifth longest-running musical of all time haveing 1,417 performances. Later a movie was here to find more about that: Movie
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